Discover more about redu+

$3,499 MXN


Discover the effect of your genes on your ideal weight, physical-mental performance and nutritional needs

Discover more about Ancestry

$2,399 MXN


Discover where your ancestors come from, from what continent or corner of the earth.

Discover more about Fitness+

$3,299 MXN


Study that identifies your sports genetic potential.

Discover more about Mental health

$3,399 MXN

Mental health

It includes reports on predisposition to stress, anxiety and depression, as well as select reports of the nutrigenetic study.

Discover more about Diabetes

$3,499 MXN


Study the genetic variants associated with type 2 diabetes and some of its complications.

Discover more about Cardiovascular

$3,799 MXN


Discover your genetics of cardiovascular functioning, your heart and the effect of some components of the diet.

Discover more about Pharma

$5,650 MXN


The Pharma study determines your response to medications with your pharmacogenomic profile.

Discover more about Chronic Diseases

$3,999 MXN

Chronic Diseases

Study that identifies and analyzes variants associated with chronic conditions.

Discover more about Nutrigenetics

$4,499 MXN


The most complete nutrigenetic study in Mexico with more than 20 reports to start a fully personalized diet

Discover more about Wellness

$4,999 MXN


Package discover your genetics and the effect of diet and sports performance

Discover more about Nutrihealth

$5,650 MXN


Analyze the genetic variants related to health and nutrition, orienting you to a better diet, improving your quality of life.

Discover more about Health plus

$6,350 MXN

Health plus

Package to know genetic predisposition to health conditions, effect of diet and physical exercise.

Discover more about Platinum

$7,300 MXN


The most complete study for the discovery of your genetics.