Discover your path towards your ideal weight, your nutritional requirements and the effect of your genes in your physical and mental performance

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Discover what your genes reveal about your health

Find your path into achieving your ideal weight, nutritional requirements
and the effect of your genes in your physical and mental performance.



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Ancestry + 7 reports

8+ reports



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60+ reports


Illumina © technology allows the analysis of genetic variants in your DNA with an accuracy of up to 99%

Knowing your genotype it is possible to identify variants associated with different diseases and traits, as well as your ancestry

This information is valuable to know genetic predisposition and generate preventive health guidelines.

How does Geno + work?

All you need to send your DNA to our laboratory is your saliva collection kit. We have made the process as simple as possible and from the comfort of your own home.

Press play in the following video to discover what your DNA says about you.

Only Saliva,
no needles and no pain.

Geno + has generated a saliva collection kit that will be everything you need to send your DNA to the laboratory.

We have made the process simple and without leaving the comfort of your home.

Do you still have doubts
 our service?

Below you can find the answers to frequently asked questions of our clients. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, you can contact us

How long will it take to receive my results?

Once GENO + receives your saliva sample, the result will take between 4 and 6 weeks to be ready. You will receive a notification via email.

How will I receive my genetic report?

As a GENO + customer, your payment includes free access to our GENO + platform. In this platform you can access 24 hours a day to download your report once it is ready.

Is it sure that I will receive my genetic information corresponding to my very own sample?

GENO + has a fairly rigorous procedure to avoid confusion in the handling of the samples. As long as the instructive procedure is followed (see instructive saliva kit), the results will be safe.

Will there be someone who can interpret my genetic results?

Our platform and genetic reports have simple information to interpret the results. However, there is online support from GENO + staff to provide more detailed information, we also have health professionals trained in various parts of the Mexican Republic.

Once I get my genetic results, what should I do?

With your genetic report you can empower yourself with valuable information about your DNA. Thus, you can adopt a healthier lifestyle and prevent the diseases to which you are predisposed, improve your quality of life or enjoy optimal health. Also, you can continue to learn more about your genes on our GENO + platform. However, we recommend that you have professional follow-up, since these tests do not replace a professional consultation.

The genetic analysis of GENO + includes reports of disease predisposition and carrier of variants associated with hereditary diseases. Disease predisposition reports are developed based on scientific evidence with high quality standards. Variants are detected by genotyping analysis and variants that have high scientific support are selected. These tests are not intended to diagnose or cure diseases, or tell you something about your current state of health. There are other factors that can affect your predisposition to diseases in addition to your genetics. For example, ethnicity may increase the risk of some diseases and should be analyzed in conjunction with other risk factors. The reports detect if a person has genetic variants of greater risk of presenting a disease, but the absolute risk to develop it is not analyzed. Any change in lifestyle to modify health status should be supervised by a specialized health professional to make a diagnosis and define the best preventive or therapeutic strategy. To learn about the strengths, scope and limitations of genetic testing, visit our frequently asked questions site:

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